Sheer curtains cover up your windows nicely while still allowing light through, Find sheer curtains and sheer lace curtains that are elegant in style and design

Sheer Curtains

to highlight big windows and soften the sun's rays, a sheer curtain is your best option. sheers have been used for many years. besides their practical use, sheers will also add character to your room.

this lightweight curtain can be used alone or with another heavier fabric. the usage depends on the amount of sunlight you want to let into the room, for instance, if you want a warm room with lots of sunlight flooding in, you would use only the sheer curtain. if you decided to go only with sheer, you could make them three times the width of your window. the gathers will give you your privacy.

you could also get a little creative and leave the top part of your window open. you will still have your privacy but at the same time, the sunlight entering from the top of the window will brighten up your room dramatically.

sheer curtains are the perfect choice if you have indoor plants, especially orchids. this curtain will protect your plants from the sun's rays yet give them enough sunlight to keep them alive.

sheers are cheap to buy and relatively easy to maintain. most of them are made of synthetic materials and unless otherwise stated, you can wash them just as you would wash lace curtains.

if your sheers are dirty, soak them overnight (not more than 12 hours) in warm soap water with a couple of spoonfuls of borax or ammonia. after this, rinse them thoroughly to get rid of the soap and hang them out to dry. if you have organdy sheers don not wash them at home. they are very delicate and detergents will harm them. you will have to dry-clean them.

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