Sheer curtains cover up your windows nicely while still allowing light through, Find sheer curtains and sheer lace curtains that are elegant in style and design

Focusing on Beautiful Window Dressings

interior design trends are focusing on beautiful window treatments which allow plenty of natural light into the room.

sheer fabrics and voile are being seen as a fundamental window dressing in modern and contemporary style homes, whilst a romantic stance is being seen in bedrooms of more traditional style homes.

influence from the mediterranean are also becoming increasing popular in the uk with the use of sheer curtains to create wonderful mosquito style netting and modern alternatives to the heavy drapes seen on four poster beds.

voile and sheer fabrics are also being used as they can quite simply be hung from metal or wooden poles to add interest to windows. some of the latest design trends include the use of beautiful blown glass for the end finales of metal poles.

a wide range of coloured swirls and patterns, including cracked glass effects are the ideal way to bring balance and harmony to a room when coordinated with wall or table lamps in a similar style of glass design.

sheer fabrics and voiles are being used effectively in place of the now somewhat dates net curtains as they offer chic style as well as much needed privacy.

team these lightweight fabrics with blinds if you need to block out light or simply sweep the back from the centre and hold in place with trendy beaded tie-backs.

romantics may prefer to sweep the fabric back and hold in places with large satin bows to add a very feminine touch to a bedroom. this style should always be floor length with an excess of fabrics being left to fall into natural pools onto the floor.

voiles and sheer fabrics are widely available both on the high street or online in a vast array of wonderful colours as well as the ever popular creams and white. this enables you have cohesion and wonderful injections of colours if desired or alternatively offers a very chic style in white.

for added interest chose fabrics with a pattern or a chic metallic thread in luxurious gold to add opulence and a touch of understated grandeur to a room.

if these lightweight fabrics are to be the sole window dressing it may be advisable to opt for styles which are fully lined if you need extra security protection from prying eyes especially at night as sheer fabrics have a tendency to become transparent when seen from outside when artificial lights are switched on!

curtain poles are probably the easiest way to hang curtains. it is important to remember the heavier the fabric you choose the larger the diameter the pole will need to be.

opt for traditional light coloured wooden poles to team with stripped floor boards or choose the latest metallic poles with brushed satin finishes to blend with modern and contemporary interior styles.
selecting the right end finales and hold backs will make a huge difference to the overall visual affect the curtains offer. add quirky touches of dainty butterflies or flowers with clip on motifs which are very fashionable on the continent.

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